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first season (1995)

  1. Pilot (1 hour)
  2. Grab the Money and Run!
  3. The Great Train Robbery
  4. The Ballard of Lucas Burke
  5. Hit-Woman
  6. Protection
  7. Bounty Hunter
  8. Twoslip
  9. Little Odessa
  10. Snow Orchid
  11. Natural Law
  12. Unprotected Witness
  13. Rainbow Comix

note - First season was a mid-season replacement. “Rainbow Comix” was the advertised first season finale, but was preempted and didn’t actually air until summer reruns.

second season (1995)

  1. Buy Hard
  2. The New Marshal
  3. Heartbreak Kid
  4. Gone Fishing
  5. Land of Opportunity
  6. Pass the Gemelli
  7. The Show
  8. Love is Strange
  9. Kissing Cousins
  10. ’65-’95
  11. These Foolish Things
  12. Time Off for Clever Behavior

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