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Stargate link

the Stargate SG-1 Connection

So you're a Stargate fan?  Want to see General Hammond (Don S Davis) as a country sheriff?  How about Major Davis (Colin Cunningham) as a drugged out bank robber?  Would you believe Col. Maybourne (Tom McBeath) as the owner of a grocery store chain?  Well, then you are in the right place.  Click on the links below to view your favorite SG1 regular in their guest starring role(s) on The Marshal.
Note - I plan to have screencaps eventually.  During my computer upgrade (or, as I refer to it, the great computer fiasco) I "lost" all of my .avi clips.  It is a long, sad story, but the short version is that I have to reacquire them all. It is definitely on my To Do List <lol>

All vid clips are .WMV format recorded at 256K bits/second

actor: Colin Cunningham
SG-1 character: Major Paul Davis
episode: The Ballad of Lucas Burke (as Speedy)
clip size: 28 seconds / 914 KB

actor: Don S. Davis
SG-1 character: General George Hammond
episode: pilot (as Sheriff Tiger Larkin)
clip size: 28 seconds / 909 KB

actor: Bill Dow
SG-1 character: Bill Lee, PhD
episode: Heartbreak Kid (as US Deputy Marshall Bill no-last-name)
clip size: 5 seconds / 164 KB

actor: Gary Jones
SG-1 character: Master Sergeant Norman Walter Davis
episode: Rainbow Comix (as “accountant at meeting”)
clip size: 5 seconds / 165 KB

actor: Tom McBeath 1
SG-1 character: Colonel Harry Maybourne
episode: The Great Train Robbery (as Sheriff Wade)
clip size: 12 seconds / 395 KB

actor: Tom McBeath 2
SG-1 character: Colonel Harry Maybourne
episode: Buy Hard (as Casey)
clip size: 12 seconds / 383 KB

actor: Kevin McNulty
SG-1 character: Doctor Warner
episode: Hit-Woman (as States Attorney Robert Steiner)
clip size: 6 seconds / 198 KB

To download vids: right click on title, chose "save target as", select where you would like the vid to be saved.
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